Anyone knows Chinese?

I need some help with translating a message someone sent to me. Google translate obviously doesn't translate correctly because when I translate it back again its different. Help please?


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  • I think some of my friends on here are part Chinese.
    @Xelebrum (You're part Chinese, part Italian right?)
    Maybe they can help you :)

    • Yes, I am, but I have no understanding of the Chinese language whatsoever. :P

      @Ihav2fart and @Illusive_Man are both fluent, they'd be of more help.

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    • You didn't bother me lol

    • @kangy would be most helpful here.

  • how can i help?

    • What does this means? 人非聖先熟能無過,船到橋頭自然會直的啦

    • 人非聖先熟能無過
      This means people are not saint so they would make mistakes.
      Means it will work out in the enx

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