This girl is spreading rumors about me, what should I do?

Way back in 9th grade I got in an argument with this guy who was trying to force me to go out with a mutual friend. We later then conversated about racial preference and attractiveness. This girl heard me and yelled at me saying, "You're racist and sick! I hope that no one dates you because you don't deserve anyone and I'm going to tell everyone about this!". She even asked me if I'm okay with platonic relationships of 'x race' and I told her that I was okay with that and that I don't hate men of that race, im just not attracted. Of course that didn't change anything. I later went to my friend for justification on my part and she told me that it was fine to feel that way but I should of worded it differently.

And as you probably know, I was really stupid and naive in 9th grade so I don't feel that way anymore. I'm not attracted to certain facial features but there's those type of facial features in every race and the race that I said that I wasn't attracted to back then, well although a lot or maybe majority of people from that race has those features, some dont. So instead of claiming a preference (which was actually exclusiveness in 6-9th grade but again, I didn't know) "I just say that as long as I'm attracted to the guy, I'm down".

I didn't see this girl in all of 10th grade but she has moved back in 11th grade and has not forgotten what I've said nor has she forgotten my face. I've heard her tell people what I've said in 9th grade in the hallways if you're wondering if she actually went through with what she said. What I find ironic is that she constantly surrounds herself with black men and people in general, in 9th-11th she had black boyfriends and she's Hispanic. I've only seen her walk up and talk to black guys when our school is very diverse. No one is perfect, I've heard Plently of rumors about her stealing people's boyfriends and she even would gossip and make fun of my shy friend's apperance in 9th grade.

Should I be worried? In the age of social media, everything spreads fast. I'm thinking about going to my state college and that could be a problem if the rumor still exsists then. 2 years is still a long time to me, and I'm gonna have to face this burden everyday.


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  • First thing to do is just just ignore and her and the drama, if you keep reacting to the drama, people will continue to try and upset you.

    The saying goes, Your real friends don't need an explanation, but your enemies won't believe you anyway. Stop defending your rumours about yourself, because that become your life.
    Who you are and what you do, will win in time. Truth always wins over lies. There is no need defending rumours that are lies.

    These people that are spreading rumours about you, are just toxic people, don't react to them, don't engage with them. The reason you don't engage with these types of people is because you will just spend your whole arguing and fighting with them. Its not worth it.

    Ignore them, carry on and just enjoy your life. If your confident yourself, you won't care what people say about you.

    • Very well said.

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    • No problem, Just focus on your goals and dreams, these people only be too happy to try and stop you.
      Watch these videos, I hope they inspire, I watch them every day. Now I am doing really doing well.

    • Thanks for MHO. Go after your goals and dreams, because when you have those, people become less important to you. Remember they are not going to do it for you. People's opinion of you, good or bad is meaning less to you, unless you choose to let get it to you. Now no one can have affect on your life, unless you allow them to. Its your life, so you have all the power, Don't let people have power over you. If you let them upset you, you are giving your power away to them. They have no say in your life, who you are, and what you want to become in the future. What you want to be in the future, is your decision. No one can make that decision for you. good luck

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  • Hey, I'm just gonna go for simple advice here. As a guy, I don't like to dwell on these kind of memories and so I often find ways to keep myself occupied as much as possible. I suggest you do the same.
    If that girl keeps harassing you about something you said years ago (really though, that's a typical bitch trait that makes a girl about 50-90% less attractive), don't listen to her. Just ignore her and keep your distance. If she still insists on nagging you, tell your parents and your teachers, even your principal (or supervisor) so they can tell her to stop because bullying is NOT ok, even if the bully is a guy.
    Either way, I hope it blows over and if not, then I hope something is done about her because she shouldn't be degrading you. It's not cool.
    In the meantime, don't stress about it. If anyone asks nosy questions, tell them to go away unless they'd like the principal to know about it.
    If this is causing you to develop any mental health issues, tell your mum or dad and try to find help. It's important for this issue to not affect you on the inside.
    Hope this helps. Go for it!

  • Girls have a lot of bitching problems. You must ignore her or get in to bitch war.
    If right time comes then how about bitch slap?

  • Spread rumours about her.

  • fdb she wanna be you you doing sum she can"t thats a goal so when yo see her say fvk you


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  • you should ignore her and let karma handle it.

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