Has my mom ruined vegetables for me forever?

As a kid, I hated vegetables, and my mom didn't improve the situation. If I didn't finish them, which I never really did, there was no dessert or she would make me sit at the table until I finished all my veg, but she would end up yelling at me and trying to force me to eat them, but I would just sit there and would literally fall asleep at the table b/c I would be there so long. She never showcased vegetables in any positive light other then linked to some form of punishment if I didn't eat them. Even at school, I remember on my birthday, the lunch monitor literally took away my cupcakes and wouldn't let me pass them out to my friends unless I ate my vegetables on the lunch tray. So now as an adult, my mom can't seem to figure out why I dislike vegetables so much. Really? Do you think my mom has ruined vegetables for me forever? Is there a way that you managed to get over your adult picky eating?

  • I think your mom probably ruined your taste for vegetables forever
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  • I don't think its your mom's fault. I think as an adult you should be able to get over the picky eating easily
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  • It's probably going to be very hard for you to ever love vegetables, but you can work at it
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  • Naaah, I went to a school where they forced you to clean your plate even if it was horrible- you need to start exploring what you might like and trying different vegetables cooked in different ways, if you don't like them just bin them. You'll probably find something you like.


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  • yeah thats fucked up. your mom was too aggressive about it lol but now as an adult you should be able to get over it. i used to hate green beans. i used to be very picky about a lot of things, now i love food. i love cooking and i love trying new foods. its just kinda in your personality i think. whether or not you're willing to eat or try food thats good for you.

  • Not your mom's fault at all...
    Ad least I don't see it.

  • she probably did.