What do I do I'm being screwed over by uber?

so I got an email saying I'm being charged 100 DOLLARS because I left a mess in the uber car and the whole thing was dry cleaned. I asked for proof of this mess and they sent a picture of the car, my vomit on the side of the street, and TWO DROPS on the floor of the car, literally two drops.

I get it's kind of gross but it's not like i vomited all over the back seat or even left anything that couldn't be cleaned up with a cloth and soap.

How can I fight this, I don't have the money to be charged all this and I feel like I'm being swindled big time.


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  • I would try emailing Uber. Explain the situation and try to give as much information as possible. Try to give them the driver name, time you travelled in the vehicle as well as any other information that could help you.

    The thing with Uber is that it's a person's actual car. Unfortunately everyone has a different level of cleanliness that they like to keep their car. This driver could have seen the two drops of vomit and become sickened by it. I know vomit isn't the nicest thing to have to deal with and even a couple small drops can still make the car smell terrible. So dry cleaning could very well be necessary. Also, the driver wants to ensure their car is safe and clean for other riders, since that's also their workplace and source of income.

    I have a friend who is an Uber driver and he has to keep his car immensely clean and in tip-top shape, as the cars can be rated for those things. Bad ratings can get you dropped from being an Uber driver apparently. Which makes sense to me.

    However, if you feel as though the driver is overreacting, which could be possible in this case, then you should email Uber directly. Hopefully you can get this situation rectified. Hopefully you won't get charged the full amount.

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