I feel depressed?

I feel sad a lot...

When I feel sad I just want to lay in bad and do nothing... I don't want to talk to people. And if I do I either end up f nearly crying or snapping at them.

Once I was feeling sad for nearly a whole year.
I stopped talking to my friends. Non of them tried to talk to me... now I don't have any friends. I thought of killing myself. I even remember having a knife in my hand...

I started feeling happy again after awhile. But now I'm starting to feel sad again...

I thought I had depression for a bit but I only feel like this for a little while then stop.
Like for a few days or weeks I would feel sad... And then start to feel happy again.

So some days I'll feel really sad but other days I'm just fine.

Is this normal?

Do most people feel like this?
Going from having a knife in your hand to smiling and laughing?

The main reason I don't think I have depression is because I have no reason.
I mean I don't have friends to speak of but that's not a reason to be sad.
And some days I feel happy... Just some days I don't...


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  • As a person with an attempt and hospital records to prove it, I would suggest to simply sit there involving thought before action. What helped for me since I am a person who is extremely over stimulated, with senses and thoughts it helps to simply sit and watch your thoughts float by. You acknowledge them but you do not act, you sit and see who you really are as well as where you are going. As for the meds... I would suggest looking into Zoloft and trazodene. Stay away from hard drugs like seroquel or xanex. If you can... swing it without drugs, take about 2000 mg's of niacin... if you ever feel a sudden onset of panic like I have in the past simply brew a cup of Chamomile tea with honey and milk... believe me it helps. You are welcome to chat with anyone on here through PM... I am always willing to help someone out. @XNicholeMariex3 just found out she has more underneath, seems like she knows what she is talking about @vishna is very caring
    @justbanANNAz is very helpful as well


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  • I know what you feel like... but I never wanted to hurt myself... because I know that I deserve better... that I need to love myself rather than do harm to myself.

    It's not that you want to die... You don't. You want to be saved.
    I am currently dealing with depression. I have a reason for it though.
    I honestly believe that depression has a cause. There is a reason why you are depressed... You just need to be aware of what it is and either accept it... or do something about it. I'm trying to do something about it.


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  • Go see a psychologist and when you do don't be afraid to open up. I have dealt with a lot of depression my whole life and can tell you that one of the most beneficial things is getting baggage off your chest. You may not even know you have it but we all do and when it gets too heavy we need to unload it or it could crush us. There are obviously things bugging you and as a teenager that is completely normal. Just know that there are people out there that will listen and won't judge you.

    Also, if you are ever feeling particularly sad, google 'mindfulness meditation'. There is nothing really spiritual about it but it really helps me clear my head when I'm feeling stressed or sad.

  • Aw I'm sorry to hear that, I used to suffer from very sevre depression myself, I hope you feel better soon.

  • Go see a thepist and get on anti deppresents asap

  • Being depressed in your teenage years is normal, but it sounds like your case might be a bit extreme. You don't need a reason to be depressed; it just happens. You probably want to discuss your issues with a professional therapist (which I am not).


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  • yeah i go through this more often than id like to.

    i hope u feel better soon.

  • you should see a doc! sounds like bipolar.

  • It's not normal and it's not okay. I've gone a few rounds with serious depression myself since the diagnosis of a chronic illness. One of the things that really helped me is a counselor. Not a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but a counselor. Just someone you can be completely honest and open with about everything that happens to you and goes on in your mind, who can really help you through it. You may not like the first one you go to and that's okay, just try another. If you go to a college, there might even be on-campus counselors.