HELP ASAPP !!! dog ate lots of roach poison !! ?

i called my vet she told me about this medication and i called my dad to get it on his way home (i can't go out now by myself)
but I don't know what to do in the mean time !

i woke up to this horrific sound he was making and he kept going on and i didn't know what to do
and then a while after he throw up AAAA LLLLOT im guessing it was the poison because the poison i this white liquid thing with a smell and that's what his vomit looked like (and smelled a bit)
but damn he took in a lot !
it was sprayed in the kitchen and he sleeps in my parents room where the door is closed all night obviously I don't know when he licked all of this!!
he dranks tons and tons of water

he is calm now and kinda acting normal (sitting around, following me sometimes... etc) or maybe he is dizzyand last time he threw up it seemed like there was not

he didn't eat anything
he had tons of water (like 6 refills) and a tiny bit of milk

is he going to be ok :'( ?

and the stupid bottle doesn't have any labels on it ! I don't know what the name of the poison is or what the ingredients are :@

oh ps he is a portuguese water dog

about a a year and a half , male


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  • Since the dog kept throwing it all up and now drinking lots of water he should be fine since that's what it always says to do on the label. just have him checked out later on when you can by a vet

    • REALLY? <3

      and yea i think it's all out of his system or like 90% of it
      he seems dizzy though

    • Yeah I always remember seeing that on anything poisonous , always says to induce vomiting and drink lots of water and sometimes milk and to call the poison center for information which you may be able to google that

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  • take him to the vet!


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  • Call posion control and see what they have to say


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  • I think that waiting for an antidote is dangerous stuff... he may die in the meantime if it is serious...

    maybe google the poison and see if you can find a similar looking bottle?

    he needs to have something ASAP though not later...

    • ugh ill try

      he seems a lot calmer now hopefully he can hold on,,, my dad won't be long

      ill try to googkle it

    • odds are it is already in his blood stream so its making sire he doesn't get to organ damage stage :( x