Should I pawn my ps4?

I am 25. So I am in a financial bind right now and I have a ps4 that I bought and it is just sitting here. The pawn shop will give me $125 for a 30 day pawn. But there is one problem. My aunt doesn't want me pawning it anymore but I need the money. What should I do?


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  • Sell your ps4 for a little more money, sell it with the games for even a little more, then get another job with the extra time you have since you don't play video games anymore and voila you now have more money, but no time to do anything with it, but you can put it in the bank for a better brighter day.

    • I don't want to sell it. I still want to play Batman Arkham Knight lol.

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  • Why doesn't your aunt agree?

    • She thinks I am making a mistake by pawning it.

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    • Womanly intuition... Just go ahead if she's not gonna put up any further resistance.

    • Actually, maybe you should bargain for a better price if you can.

  • Pawn it if you need the cash that bad