Why doesn't anyone ask Obama to stop funding ISIS?

I mean everyone knows Qatar is a satellite state of the US and that its king is a CIA puppet, and everyone knows that ISIS is being funded mainly by Qatar.

So does it take a rocket scientist to figure out who's funding ISIS?


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  • maybe they have, and it's just not on the news.


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  • Obama doesn't specifically fund ISIS so lets end that misconception there.

    American allies have been listed as some of those who fund various terrorist groups. The problem is to provide proof of those fundings. It is often through several channels that a country will eventually fund a terrorist group.

    but if Qatar funds ISIS to an extent, imagine what they'd do if we stopped our allegiance with them? They'd probably fund more.

    I know that answer isn't really a solution but it's also not Obama's fault. We funded the Cuban revolution by Castro in the 50s, we funded the Shah's revolution in Iran in the 70s, we funded the Afghani revolution in the late 60s, we funded Saddam Hussein's takeover of Iraq decades ago... America (not Obama) has a long history of putting regimes into place


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  • Well then.

  • The most stupid shit I've read today. Obama funding ISIS? You do realize he is a puppet himself right.

  • Wtf are you talking about?

    • You haven't heard of ISIS?

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    • Not very bright are you?

    • Interesting... I was thinking that of you when I read the question. Only an idiot would have such an immature understanding of foreign affairs. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It may backfire later, but that's what all governments do. There is no perfect line drawn when it comes to funding anything or anyone. You make the best decision you can. You take a calculated risk.