Which GAGer would you like to send back in time? Where and when?

Da most unique taggin question ever….

Tag those GAGers u’d like to send back in time…. in which year’d u send ‘em back? And in which area?


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  • Hmm... let's see...
    @Phoenix98 He seems to like the older time periods of the, if I am correct, 20s, so I would send him back there. Ehh but then he'd have to deal with WWII. Hmm I don't know, I just know I'd send him back since he appears to like the old time periods-- as far as I know?

    @Klaatu51 As mentioned in other answers, I'm sending you to the 80s. I've seen you say you like the culture as well along with the music so it would work. Oh, and I'd give you the knowledge of GAG if possible.

    @MissNowhere I'm sending you back to the beginning of high school in the US. Then I'm going to be friends with you and help you ace all your classes xD

    @Omar5881 This is where I would transport myself back in time too if possible. We could both go to the 1960s woodstock time period, experience the music, and then we could make our own band and be famous by today. We'd totally be hall of fame worthy. Zeppelin? Styx? Yep they'd be amateurs compared to us haha 😎

    Oh and I'd send all the internet hate trolls to the Jurassic time period where they could enjoy trying to survive in the wild only to possibly die out with the rest of the dinosaurs (from the meteor or whatever?) No mercy mwhahaha 😈

    • That works for me! 😛👌

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    • We will try to figure some time out @asker

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • @Klaatu51 - I'd like to send him back to the 80s in a music festival or send him and the music festival into the Jurassic period so he can dance an get high with the dinos.. Let's hope they don't take a big poo that would literally stink out the place.. Fu**ing T-rexes💩💩💩

    • i hate dinos... but i agree wid music festival...

    • oh god is dis really u? sorry to say dat... but u look almost a decade older... :|

      (no offense just wot i believe... :) )

    • Haha yeah haha don't worry bro no
      Offence taken :)

  • I would send @YourFutureEx back to the past just so that his very existence in the past would be a paradox in and of itself.

  • I agree with other answer it would have to be you back to the 1980s to expierence music first hand.

    • sure... i could even make a synth-pop album on my own... ;)

  • I guess @Phoenix98 @justbanannaz and @Ihav2fart and me would go back to the 1960's. There's a chance we would end up getting drafted to Vietnam though. But, I think it would be cool to go back and look at how life was back then. And I'd send @Klaatu51 to the 1980's for the music. And on the way back to the present day stop at the 90's to relive old times.

    • Nah man send me to the late 1930s preferably right before the end of the great depression but before WWII.

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    • I Imagine you could probably sing like Olivia Newton John as well :) @justbanannaz Afterall you're both Aussies lol

    • Anyways the first one was great, but the second one kinda sucked lol

  • I'd send @Desidoo back to 1996.. her mission:
    Save Pac
    Stop me from doing dumb shit
    Buy apple stock, get rich, and split the gains with me 60-40

    • I'd only be 1 years old lol. I gotta save Biggie too lol though he died a year later.

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    • I just looked at the gains. Heck no, if you sending me back to riot times then I get 60.. You get 40. Or we can do this 50-50

    • @DesiDoo
      You get to meet Pac though :O 55-45

  • Can I send myself back to the first day of high school?

    I need to warn someone about the hell that is high school.

  • I wanna send @cinderelli back to the time when Romeo&Juliet was still alive so she will understand ma Romeo LUV and affections for her like Juliet 💏

  • This question is pointless.

    • so since every question is pointless lol, what u doin here?
      but if ur looking for attention, i guess this is a good way to go about getting it.

    • I'm on here to give legitimate answers to legitimate questions.

  • The area of tall girls and the age where there is no food cause you don't like eating much hun.

  • Weird question this one is.