How should I take this/ what should I think of it and do you think I am?

Ok today at school one of my friends asked if I was mad I said no I'm just tired she said good because you get violent when you you get mad... and at school I'm a quiet person I almost never talk unless the teacher ask me a question I'm nice and respectful... but I did once stab a kid in 8th grade because he was throwing erasers pieces in my hair for two days and I told him to stop nicely but finally the third say I said if you don't stop I'm going to stab you with my pencil and at the time I didn't know how strong I was and I made him bleed and he told the teacher the next day and no one believed him and I said I didn't it and everyone even the teacher said he deserved it then that was the first time I ever did something bad in school and then this year a kid who is younger then me is in band and he played the trumpet like me and he's soooooooooooooooooooooo annoying and he was making me mad and I almost stabbed him but I didn't and everyone in band hates him but I also told my people even my band teacher that I was going to kill him and I told my friends I wanted to push him in a fire.


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  • You need to learn to deal with your anger. Because if you try doing this shit in the real world, you're either going to get fired, sued, arrested, or killed.


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