How do I stop wishing and start doing and deal with change?

As i asked, how do i stop wishing about things and start doing and how do i deal with change? i'm just so tired of wishing things would happen in my life, i'm so trapped in my fantasies and thinkin what id like to happen and because i can't deal with changes very well AT ALL i'm struggling to do anything, i'm 25 years old now and all i've been doing is sitting here... wishing... yearning for my desires and wishes to come true but sadly they don't come true on their own... but i just can't get myself to get up and go... i can't even get myself to go out shopping too often, i post-pone everything... it's gotten worse and worse since i left high school and i already felt completely alone and helpless then... and it's just SO hard for me to adjust to anything... and i can't stick to anything... it's SO scary, i'm scared... and all i tend to do is just keep running back within myself... like a scared puppy...

I've been through so much shit over the years... so much alienation, bullying, being constantly put down and made to feel worthless, stabbed in the back by every "friend" i've ever had and every time i so much as have a crush on someone i'm treated like a psychotic bitch... like my feelings should always be screwed around with, that there is something wrong with just simply feeling... just being human... and i just can't take much more... but yet i'm so alone... nobody helps me whatsoever because they know i struggle to deal with change... but it's not right that they just make it worse...

They make me more scared and just want to revert back into myself even more... but i can't help it... it's how i've always been... first day of nursery while all the other kids were fine i was SO terrified, i had to be taken back home for 1 more day until i could get used to things... i vow to never go back into "education" ever again too because of the alienation i've gone through there... i'm very socially awkward, how do any socially awkwark deal with things? (apart from Star Trek lol).
Don't ask me how i feel half the time... quite honestly i'm confused and frustrated... but i'm intellegent enough to know when people are being horrible to me and being very unfair... but i'm not good with emotions... and that makes change even harder to deal with... i know feel alone and helpless because i'm so frustrated with it all... i just want to stop wishing things and for them to be happening to me in my life... i'm confused about myself but it's not easy when othrers act difficult.


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  • Just do it

    Don't other way then just doing it

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