What do you think of Kendrick Lamar's album 'To Pimp a Butterfly'?

Just curious.. I know a lot of people feel really attached to that album.


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  • Best rap album of the decade. I loved the album.

    He started off like a typical kid in a rough environment. We saw this in Good Kid MAAD City. A day in the life of a Compton kid.

    The story continues off that. Dreaming of buying all his homies nice cars and stuff. Buying them guns and handing them out. You know typical aspirations of a kid from the ghetto.

    Then it goes into after Good Kid MAAd city comes out and Uncle Sam is after him. Capitalism is what I call it. Wanting him to give in. He feels boxed into a corner.

    He feels alone. He then gets inspiration from coming back to Compton and possibly going to Africa. This tells him to use his power that he now has to speak to the people. To be motivational. To provide courage for them. Hope.

    Great album. It'll win a Grammy easily.


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  • i like it.


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  • 'Police harassment leads to crowd singing Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" '

    My man Kendrick is sitting on his throne smiling..
    To Pimp a Butterfly is one of the sickest albums of the decade and people are still sleeping on him so to me he's still technically underrated

  • Eh... it's ok. Not a huge Kendrick fan actually. The TI song where he's featured (T. I. - Memories Back Then ft. B. o. B., Kendrick Lamar) is pretty good but aside from that haven't heard much that I like.


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