Girls, is it possible for a guy to have "too many" flaws?

I have a lazy eye and it doesn't even move... I have a stutter and I don't have a right leg


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  • A lazy eye can be corrected , your speech can be improved with the help of a good Therapist, and a missing leg is not a flaw... it's a disability.

    Flaws are only what we believe about ourselves, but don't believe everything you "think" about yourself.

    We all have flaws, because we all have insecurities. If you can't change something or improve it , then you have you have to challenge your negative thoughts.

    • Your right.. I mean lots of people have a lazy eye and speech problems and missing a leg is just normal because it happens to a lot of people

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    • So I'm lucky

    • Life isn't about luck. Sometimes we are stuck with a shitty life which we can't do anything about. We have three choices either... end it, become bitter , or accept it. I chose the latter

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