Who here likes to have nice convos?

Who wants to talk? im bored and can't sleep :(


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  • Me me me me. Me. I don't sleep at night anyway lol.

    • So you a vampire as well? :)

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    • I liked the twilight saga but it does get corny after a while. And true blood was too weired for my taste and vampire diaries sucked! But Bram stokers Dracula was the best. I liked the book better though. lol I also recently watched the new Dracula untold which is like Bram stokers Dracula but how he became Dracula and that movie was pretty interesting: )

    • You actually liked the Twilight saga? Eww lol. I hate Twilight. It's everything a true vampire isn't. True Blood can got boring, but I kept watching it lol.

      I never read the book but I've always had a feeling it's way better.

      Hmm good you said that, because I wasn't sure if Dracula Untold was good or not. My problem with it is that isn't he a good guy in that? I need Dracula to stay evil lol.

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