I want a puppy so bad help?

Hi. So I want a puppy sooo bad ( I feel like I will die if don't get one! ) it's just.. My mom said no.. She never gave me a reason why. We have a dog but it's a family dog, and we have some cats ( outdoor cats. Always end up dissap earring) I want my own puppy. I told her I will pay for it and it's supplies. She told me to get a job ( I'm 12) so I told her I will have tons of bake sales and pay for the bake sale stuff ( I only got to pay $1 for cupcake mix and I get over $20 lol) but then she never answered back. I will DIE if I don't get one. Please help ( I'm really responsible, she trusts me to babysit my sibs) I don't get why I can't have one. Sorry it's so long. Thanks for any help/reading


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  • Puppies are expensive. It's probably not that she doesn't want you to have one, but that she knows you won't be able to afford it and doesn't want to have to pay hundreds for another pet.

  • Go volunteer at your local animal shelter.

    • I was actually considering that but I looked it up and I'm not old enough :(

    • Take a friend... guardian... relative etc/ that is.

    • Well my parents are divorced I live with my mom. And someone has to watch my siblings. I can't go with a friend cause I only have two (one lives far away other has allergies. Plus there younger than me. It's hopeless 😢)

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