Do you think that when I'm older I can make it to MLB (major league baseball)?

I am a very tough girl. My dream is to be the first girl in MLB. I am a great listener. Great team player. I'm an AWESOME hitter ( without trying I easily hit past infield) great at fielding. Really fast And SUPER DUPER strong ( I'm only 12 and can pick up my 200+ pound dog) i am like always happy and never give up!! I'm the toughest in my league (I'm the only girl!). Do you think I have a shot?


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  • AWWWW! you sound like your typical kid who lacks life experience. Asking questions like "Do I have a shot" or talking about how you can pick up your obese dog. You need to realize that it's not about "having a shot". It's about making it happen and being 10X better than the person next to you that's competing for the same thing. You're trying to be the first female in MLB-i'm sure thousands of more girls want the same exact thing. Picking up your dog just won't make the cut.


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