How can I cope with this?

I'm that one friend that everyone can go to to confide in. And I'm flattered and honored that I'm who they trust to just listen, but recently I've been entrusted with A LOT of information that is like a weight on my chest, not because I want to spill the beans though: My empathy makes me feel the same emotional pains as them, but I'm feeling the deep emotional pains of at least ten people all at once! I sometimes get home from school and I just break down into sobs because I feel so bad for these friends. I want to be strong for all of them, but how can I cope with the emotional baggage?


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  • sometimes you just have to say no... We are called (I believe) to be friends and care for others. We are even called to bear one another's burdens at times... but they are also called to carry their own. That isn't your job to do it on your own.

    So it is ok at times to not be in the situation where you are listening to every one else.

    • They have no one they trust more though. They our schools psychologists because they say all ours do is try to convince you that your interpreting the situation wrong.

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    • Yeah, it makes sense. Just realize that "everyone" was an exaggeration.

    • well i didn't think you meant the entire school...

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  • Try talking to someone about your own problems.
    You are feeling it because others problems are not big in your opinion.
    Sub-consciously at least.


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