What could I do in these 2 days?

These are my last 2 days from summer holiday, and yeah, why not to do something more than staying inside and listening to music + sleep? @.@
I don't know what to do, and I my bff won't go outside, 'cuz "too much Romanians".
So, do you have some ideas what could I do? O. o


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  • Why not light some candles and use a ouija board in the dark with nothing but the candle emitting light or go to a cementary light some candles and use a ouija board

    • If I had those things, then I would have tried already. 😂

    • Just find a board, marker and make it yourself and you're good to go I recommend using it a 3am because that's the time spooky stuff is more active 😊

    • Thank you, I will try it! ^^

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  • You are still on summer holiday? I'm jealous 😠

    Anyway, you could always do things like go to a
    Theme park/arcade -- That is fun by yourself and it is fun with friends.

    Play cards against humanity with friends online -- It's a free online adult card game. It's like Apples to Apples but slightly less family friendly if you've ever heard of that. I've played it with people on GAG before. Quite a bit of fun. If you want the link ask.

    Watch movies with or without friends -- You can either watch some cool new movies you haven't seen before with or without friends. You can use putlocker to find the movies if you don't have Netflix. Like you can Skype with friends and there is also some sites where you can go with your friends and watch movies streamlined together at the same time.

    Go on GAG -- The true champion's way of dealing with boredom.

    Photoshop photos for fun -- Learn how to photoshop (has a free trial for 30 days), mess around with it, make funny photos, whatever.

    • Can you please give me the link to your second idea? 😅

    • https://pyx-2.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#

      This is the link. To play a private game with your friends...
      1.) Click link. Type in a username at the bottom. Click enter.
      2.) Hit "create game" at the top.
      3.) Fill in your settings and what you want for the rules.
      4.) Put a password in. Afterwards, click "hide password" (which I believe you need for a private game). Make sure you remember what password you put in.
      5.) Click start game at top left. Give the password to your friends who you want to join. They should make their own little count and then join game and type in the password when asked.

      Then enjoy the game until you are bored. :D You can Skype or whatever with your friends if you want to chat, but they also have an in-game text chat at the bottom too.

      You can also play games against random people online if your friends are busy.

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  • play a game... pull a prake on your mom... watch the clock... dance like mad!!! haha karaoke?

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