NO JUST NO !! why won't skyrim start?

i waited ages for it and then when its finally done it won't even launch?
i click on the name the cursor becomes this loading blue circle and then nothing

i click on the lanucher the menu starts up and i click play... and nothing

it's legendary edition


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  • What are you playing on?

    I love skyrim

    • PC

      and it just worked !!! *_*

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    • Just by the amount of time played I'd say Skyrim,

      but I really enjoyed f3 and fnv

      aesthetically fallout is cool but not rich and pretty like Skyrim and I think that pulls me into Skyrim a bit more

    • i wanted to play FO3 sooo bad but sooo many bugs it won't even start :\
      new vegas is awesome though

      and yea i agree on the richness thing lol

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