How do I take good photos to become instagram famous?

I'm talking Nate Garner or Marcello Alvarez level. I usually only use it when bored (have uploaded 7 selfies of me in my room in bad to good ish lighting) but I only get like 30 or so likes and have gotten like 2 comments from real random Girls saying I was cute. BUT I do have good looking features. Maybe not photogenic? I'm okay with that. However it seems like there are guys on Insta that get like
Hundreds of random fangirls just by posting selfies. And A LOOT of the times the guys are not that goodlooking. I mean I think in the same lighting they use (its all golden and/orsparkly and shit) I would look just as good. So how do I take good photos to become kinda famous by posting selfies on Instagram considering that I am a reasonably good looking guy who is fit too (and a Future engineer but that doesn't matter for instagram)?
AND... how to get glowy skin? That is the only thing I would say those guys have over me. I have angular and sharp features with a defined facial structure and big teardrop eyes (aesthetic eye shape). BUT my skin is meh. I mean the colour is nice... and I don't have acne... but it doesn't glow... lol


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