How would you feel if someone thought your online profile was false?

There is this guy online (long distance) that doesn't believe my profile I have on a dating site is real unless I have a webcam. I've never been accussed of putting false information before and I am real.

Since when are suddenly guys becoming distrusting/leery? I'm not lying and I have no bad intentions of leading anyone. Interesting... we're taughting for the longest to be careful about false advertisement and liars and now I'm getting falsely accussed of that.

Will get my webcam installed soon though.



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  • I had some girl who i talked to for little over year and she wanted talk on Skype
    so i agree to it but she would never put the webcam on the Skype on she would
    keep acting like she would talk to me than she wouldn't do it. The name she used
    is all over Facebook and now all the emails she did have don't no longer seem valid
    i will go to my grave not knowing whether she's real or a fake

    • yeah that's weird. The emails don't just disappear like that unless the person deletes it or the person wasn't real. I'm gonna try have it installed sometimes next week. It's been years since I haven't use a webcam.

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  • Bots pretending to be female users, invade dating sites like roaches.

    It makes sense for him to make sure you are real

    • I get it. Yet, one of my pictures is when I came out of the pool, with my hair still wet and without any make-up at all (not even lipstick). It would also make sense that a liar would put much better pictures with advanced quality and probably a much skinner girl.

    • You would think so. Female bots post all types of photos, not just model studio looking ones. :-P

  • "Since when are suddenly guys becoming distrusting/leery?"

    since girls en masse began lying about what they look like online by finding and using fake photos of preitteri women that are hard to search for

    • yet my pictures are that of an hispanic woman that's average weighted (in fact, I'm trying to lose a few Ibs) and one of them where I just came out of the pool.. on my natural self without any make-up at all.

    • but ok... yeah it's sick how some people would lie about something so obvious that eventually gets discovered

  • He just wanna know you're not trolling him. That's okay

    • yeah he won't add me back on Skype unless I have my webcam installed and show him it's really me.

    • Can't you send him a pic where he tell him you to write something on a paper? If that's not proof enough for him he probably have other motives like the other girl said.

    • Holy shit i can't type.

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  • He's just trying to get you to webcam him, don't fall for it.

    I've been accused of being a catfish before, of being a dude, if being Asian rather a lot too... people will make shit up so their judgements seem sound.

  • Don't do the webcam. People who can't believe that others are honest can't believe it because they're not honest.

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