Who would you haunt?

Lets say you died a tragic death and you become a ghost, who would you haunt? You only get to pick 1 person and you stay with them until they die. Would you watch over a family member as they live their life? Or follow around a celebrity and see what their life is like? Or maybe try to ruin the life of a person who has done you wrong? Well for me I'd find nice and lovely, affordable house and haunt it so that whenever someone tries to move in I would scare them away for fun.


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  • I'd pick a GAGer I don't like. I'd ruin their life.

    • Thanks for most helpful.

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  • If anyone that has done me wrong would be my sister, but I dont want to live with her as a Ghost she makes me sick for what she did and I would go crazy as a Ghost seeing her face everyday and she would bore me so much watching her get online and all

    • What did she do to you?

    • She's greedy she left me for dead long story. Well I would not mind haunting her for a while and send her to a doc because she's so freaked out, but I don't want to be stuck in her house 24 7.. an hour a day will do for now sometimes I can haunt her all night until she's committed into a mental Institution for years then I am done with her

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