This guy is talkative, generous etc online, but isn't irl?

So this guy will be so chatty and offer to pay for things and invite me to things online, but the second I meet him in person he barely talks to me.. he only talks to me when he's really drunk, and even then its not a lot.

So im confused..


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  • He's probably a bit hesitant. Looks like he needs time to open up in person.


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  • First and foremost, you must accept that Internet and reality are ddifferent realms, thus we inhabit them differently. This is especially so because it is both easier for a person to be vulnerable online, AND to be more insensitive online. Learn to take people at face value, and that means actions speak louder than words.
    Also, try your best to appear open minded and compassionate, and listen more than you talk. Ask wh- questions.


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