How to get rid of that feeling?

My father told me once that i am '' unwanted person '' ... i keep telling myself that's not true but this feeling still inside me and i want to get rid of it.. any ideas?


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  • It will be really tough but you've got to learn that your father's opinions of you shouldn't change your own feelings of self worth. It's so hard because parents, and family, and usually the first and biggest source of unconditional love and acceptance. try finding friends who can become your family.
    The goal is to acquire a social circle that allows you to really be yourself. My best advice is to find areas that you are really interested in or talented in, and devote your time to them, be it hobbies or volunteering or even employment. Put yourself out there, open your mind and accept others, and you will slowly start to feel that love and belonging that we all crave and need


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  • Any stigma that your family members may leave you take time letting go, since they are supposed to be are first source of love. Undoing years of conditioning takes time. I would find groups that cater to your hobbies and interest, complimenting and making small talk with people (cashiers, passerby, wait staff, etc.), and finding friends you can trust.

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