Why aren't there a lot of loyal fellas out there?


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  • The same applies to many girls. The trick is to not judge everyone on the actions of the few.

    • What do you mean? Just not judge them by what they do?

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    • Majority of them are...

    • No, not even a majority are. How you you feel if I said that a majority of girls would betray their man the first chance they get with a rich guy? That all/ majority of them are disloyal?

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  • Because it is so easy anymore to screw two girls at a time. Its easy to be dating two girls without the other one knowing. I know guys who manage to play their girls really good. But you know what, im sure girls do it too lol, so get off your horse.

    • How my school is like. Wanting to date all the girls in school or want to date them cuz they have a booty boobs.

    • Lol, thats how it is everywhere. But you have to admit girls are the same. They go after guys who are really good looking, or have great bodjes or are known to have a big penis lmfao. Guys arnt the only shallow ones here.

    • I feel like the type of girl that's different from everyone else that wouldn't one day be liked or noticed.

  • cuz most guys just wanna smash every girl that looks good to them

  • What makes you think that? You are wrong...

    • Everywhere I go or meet, its always someone who is a jack*** no offense.

    • Well, most guys think they have to be assholes to get girls.

    • @LiveFreeorDieHard Honestly they don't... If they stop then girls are able to like them more easily.

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