Do you believe that I'm looking at an avocado?

Please don't remove this as nonsense, I'm asking this for a reason and it is relevant to another question of mine.

Me: "I'm looking at an avocado."

Do you believe that is true, or perhaps false, or maybe you lack the belief that it's true yet also lack the belief that it's false. (That is you don't if I'm looking at an avocado.)

This is being asked to demonstrate a point for this question:

  • Yes, I believe it's true.
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  • No, I I actually believe it's false.
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  • No, I lack the belief that it's true yet also lack the belief that it's false. (I don't know if you're looking at an avocado.)
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Anyone else have a belief on this?
Anyone else have an answer?


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  • You need to do more productive things with your life

    • Do you have an answer?

    • Well I know you want us to say C but just cause you want it, doesn't mean it's gonna happen

    • Well answer honestly, that's what I would like.

Most Helpful Guy

  • how the hell should we know if you are looking at an avocado?

    • That's the point. Did you follow the link?

      Any sane person should be voting C. On my previous question many guys insisted that you either posses a certain belief or else believe that it is false.

      Here that equates to either believing I can see an avocado, or else believing that I can't. My point is to demonstrate that they're wrong.

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  • Reported as nonsense

    • Assuming you bothered to read the details, Did you follow the link? I needed to ask something controversial that virtually everyone would be unsure about. On my previous question too many people were distracted by religious arguments and missed the point that lacking a belief doesn't mean necessarily posses the belief that it is false.

      You presumably lack the belief that I'm looking at an avocado, yet you presumably also lack the belief that I'm not looking at an avocado.

    • I know the question you are talking about and yes I read the details

    • So why do you consider it nonsense?

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