Why is it that I can never seem to be confident in myself and how can I "up my game"?

What I mean by this is that I'm not very confident in my looks despite being told over and over again that I'm attractive. The majority of girls I know find me attractive and I know this because they've told me or have had a thing for me at some point and many times I can't even tell that they find me attractive and/or like me. I still lack self-confidence, maybe because I was called a nerd/geek in elementary and middle school because I enjoyed learning stuff outside of school and I went through an "ugly spell" from junior high to early high school. I'm almost 20 years old and have only had sex with two girls and been in a relationship with one who I didn't do anything with because she was a little too young. I am very shy and usually can't talk to girls and I'm very intimidated by really attractive girls. I had this one girl say she wanted to do things with me if I "treated her right" (whatever that means) and she was easily a 9/10. It ended up in an awkward experience of watching movies in bed with me having my tongue tied and not being able to talk and something that was sort of like spooning. She completely wrote me off. I don't usually even associate myself with girls as beautiful as she was. The only time I've gotten anywhere with a girl is because she made the move and the majority of the time I turn them down or don't have the courage to make a move since I barely talk to girls that I would be interested in.

I've had a good number of opportunities with girls and I'm sick and tired of being too shy to barely talk to them unless I know them well enough. At this point I don't really care if I just have a girl to hookup with or develop a relationship with. I just want someone and I'm trying to work on my social-awkwardness.

I'm just looking for a girls perspective on my issues and any advice anyone has for me.


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  • Listen to the art of charm podcast. They will teach you


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