What style dancer/artist is your favorite? Which is the sexiest? Hardest? Prettiest?

What style dancer/artist is your favorite ? Which is the sexiest ? Hardest? Prettiest ?

There are many different style dancers, and all these different dancers come with their different personalities. Which would you chose as your favorite? I have been blessed to meet women in all these styles of dicipline. My conclusion is discipline is sexy.

  • Belly dancer
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  • Ballet dancer
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  • Exotic dancer
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  • Gymnist acrobat
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  • Latin dancer
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  • Hip Hop dancer
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Aerial dance. I'd love to learn it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • My favorite out of these is hip hop. The sexiest is a belly dancer. Hardest dance looks like pole dancing because you need a lot of upper strength. (unless we're talking about an average stripper who doesn't do things like that) And prettiest is ballet


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What Girls Said 2

  • Hmm. I can't really vote because I have 3 different answers for you.

    Sexiest - from a pure "get in the mood" erotic dancing is the sexiest. From which one is that sort of cheeky, suggestive dance, I would say belly. It's hypnotic.
    Hardest - probably gymnastics. Because of the flexibility, precision and height required to perform certain moves. I couldn't flip myself in the air as high as they do.
    Prettiest - latin dancing. Ballet is alright but I find it a bit frilly. River dancing is a bit like someone's asked for the dance routine to be half the time and instead of changing the routine, they did it twice the speed. Latin has this cheekiness to it but elegant moves as well and is about being together.

    Hip hop dancing I really hate. Some of it looks like you're trying to impersonate a gorilla, and some of it looks like they have really itchy genitals.

  • Latin dance because I'm Arab, and that's the standard dancing here


What Guys Said 3

  • hmm, well oh tv shows like Americans got talent, everyone does ballet or hip hop and its all the same. I like it when do pole dancing, soo my answer is exotic dancer.

  • C and F are the hottest ;)

  • Latin dancing.

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