What kinds of questions will help me win the clothing game with a guy?

What kinds of questions can I ask a guy (current boyfriend bearly dating) to win the clothing game? I'm trying to ask sexy questions that will make him not want to answer because their emberassing.. and he'll have to take off clothes for every one he doesn't answer.
Please help me! :) I want to win!


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  • -Have you ever soiled yourself over the age of 15?
    -Have you ever had a sexual urge about one of your immediate family members?
    -How does it make you feel knowing that my last boyfriend had a huge dick?
    -If one of us were to be violently raped, would you rather it be me or you?
    -Are you open to a MMF three-way?
    -If your penis were a president, who would it be?
    -Describe your last bowel movement in great detail.
    -Given the choice between being fucked by a baseball bat or watching your mother be fucked with a baseball bat, which would you pick?


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