Am I the only one who thinks the female body doesn't look good?

So I'm asexual and feel no sexual attraction towards any gender, but I still find myself looking at hot guys sometimes. I'm not sexually attracted to them so it's more like looking at some really good architecture or a horse (I think horses look good lol). I never found the female body visually appealing though. I think that women usually have better faces than men but their bodies aren't as good. I've heard a lot of straight women say that they think the female body looks better than the male body. I feel like it's just disproportionate and lacks symmetry (no offense to women out there). I do think that the average woman is more attractive than the average man but whenever I say that a woman has a good body, I think about how it might look to others. It doesn't look that good to me.

I'm not saying all men have good bodies. Only a few of them. I haven't seen any women who do though.


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  • Omg... filler

    • Umm what does that reaction mean here?

    • I love the aesthetics of both male and female bodies. Males do have a stronger bodies, females have smaller frames. That to me, is the beauty of both. I love a women's body.. So I cannot compute your question

    • Okay. That makes sense lol

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  • Depends on the woman. Some women have beautiful bodies.

    • Well all the ones I've seen are just meh to me lol