Ever feel like something's missing in life?

I feel this way often. I wish there was some absolute meaning and unconditional love like what people experience in near death experiences. I hope there is some sort of reality to those. That would be nice :)


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  • Do you have any religion? I'm very happy with mine and would tell you about it if you'd like. I used to feel how you are talking about

    • Which are you?

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    • May I ask why?

    • Course ya can.
      Well there's a lot of reasons why but I guess the main one is that I did have a time where I almost died. And I prayed to god to help me through it, and I honestly felt loved. And like everything would be okay. And now every day while I'm working (I'm a farmer 🐄💨) I feel like he's here with me.
      Not sure whether you know this or not but the belief of Christianity is basically that there is a god, he created us, he loves us more than anything, and believing in him will let us live forever with him in heaven.
      Also there are other reasons I believe this but that was the biggest reason. And I'll explain anything further If you want

  • Yeah every so often I do