What's worse getting eaten by a huge dinosaur or maul to death by a baby T-rex and smaller dinosaurs?

Though you're still screwed either way, which death seems more gruesome?
- Lawyer Gennaro gets eaten by adult T-rex in Jurassic Park

- Beaten and maul to death by a pack of Compsognathus (tiny dinosaurs)

- Peter gets mauled to death by the baby T-rex who pretty jumps like a Velociraptor.

  • Getting devoured by a huge predator, Gennaro had it worse
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  • Mauled to death by a pack of tiny dinosaurs, he had it worse
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  • Mauled to death by the baby T-rex or a Velociraptor
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  • Mauled to death is worse. It sounds drawn out and painful. At least the first one is quicker


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  • The big thing picks you up, chomps, and you are dead. It's pretty fast. And in the jurrassic park interpretation they even tend to swallow their prey whole so there's less mess and gruesomeness.

    Getting maulled by a medium sized predatore, you'll probably be killed fairly quickly depending on the hunting method. Most medium carnivores break the neck or target the throat, killing you fairly rapidly. Some medium predators go for debilitation, oppening the belly and wrestling you to the floor and eating you alive, but the damage will useually cause pretty serious bloodloss speeding up death (this hunting method is implied in the film for the raptors but it's not the displayed behaviour in book or film). Sure the devouring is a lot more messy than the first, but you are still dead good and soon.

    Getting mauled by a pack of small scavengers will generally involve death by exaustion. They will run and hound you till you die, nipping at exposed flesh whenever they get an oppotunity. You will die hiddeously slowly, from bloodloss and exhaustion... while the creatures are already eating you. Even with the numbing effect of the scavengers bite (see the books), this is going to hurt a lot and be drawn out horribly. This is deffinitvely the slowest and most painful death.

    In the books both the Rexes and Raptors are shown to play with their food on occasion. And both are sort of shown in the films (the rex injuring someone to allow the baby to practice the kill, and the raptors injuring someone to use them as bait). Both of which make your death much more horrible, but generally I would say it ballances out. The rex will still kill you faster than the raptors, the raptors will still kill you FAR faster than the compies.
    Bigger is better.


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  • Pressed wrong button - Was going to say getting eaten by large TREX is best because it is quickest. Getting mauled by baby dinosaurs is worse.

    • yeah when that guy was trying to capture the baby t-rex again, it didn't know it was strong already until the father T-rex taught him its first hunting lesson. That sucks... being briefly spared by the big t-rex only for it to leave its infant in charge of the kill.

  • I think... getting mauled to death by the Velociraptor is the worst.