Can two people who are going to college move out together with these financial standings?

My boyfriend and I would love to move out together within the next year, but we would be paying for rent, groceries, gas, etc. on our own and I'm not sure if we would have the income (as it currently is) to make it work. Here's what our financial standings look like now:
He makes 25% commission selling luxury skin care at the airport and gets about a $1300 check every month depending on how much he sells.
I'm going to be making $8.50 an hour part-time plus tips which purportedly adds an extra dollar per hour, so it would be $9.50 an hour.
The lowest rent we have been able to find so far that would be close to our college campus is $400-$800 a month.

Thoughts or advice?


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  • It would be hard. You wouldn't have anything to spend for entertainment

    • That's what I was thinking. But I'm still searching for jobs that pay at least $10 an hour. He's also looking for a better job while coming up with ways to accumulate passive income. So far nothing, but we've still got a lot of time.

  • You two would be too busy working to keep up with expenses; ultimately taking away from relationship time=leading to stress and lack of love and eventually a break up.

    • Perhaps. But we'd both still only be working part-time, which for me means 3 days a week and for him around 3-4. We've been able to go out or spend entire nights together at least once a week since school started.

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