Why do I get extreme anxiety when cooking?

I can make toast, microwavable noodles and beans, and sandwiches, but when it comes to mixing things together and putting them in an oven, making eggs or chopping up veges into a salad or anything like that I break down and I can't stop crying, trembling or getting really freaked out and heavy breathing. Wtf? Why does this have to happen to me? I've never been able to cook properly in my life and I can't stand it. Help!!!


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  • Don't do it for anyone, and just try things, by yourself!! If it sucks, or you burn it, nobody has to know!! What the cooking shows for ideas and techniques!!
    I showed my cousin how to make a really AMAZING pineapple pork fried rice, served in the hollowed out pineapple!! It was his FAVORITE!! He Proposed the next day!!
    You can message me, privately, and I can help you, if you like!

  • I don't go to that extreme but I also get really really anxious when cooking. I freaking hate cooking. If I'm cooking dinner I just feel like I'm defusing a bomb on a timer. It's so stress inducing.


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