To western people! Is it normal / common to hug when you say hi to your friends or colleagues?

I don’t mind being hugged. Don’t mind giving hugs either.

But in my country people don't hug each other lol
And I've started working with a guy from the states, and he always hugs me when I say hi and it is really strange...>:(


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  • Guys and girls don't usually hug each other unless they are really close/old friends. It also depends on the person. I personally don't like doing the whole hugging thing but a lot of people do like doing it.


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  • Yeah, most of the time friends hug when they see each other.
    Personally, I only have 2 close friends and 2 other friends that I hug when I see. :D When I see a relative (my mom's friend, the children of my mom's friend) then we give each other a kiss on the cheek (even though we're not close).


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  • hugs between the same gender yes when they are very close unless that no


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