Mom and her friend keep doing it?

I went to bed at 8 and woke up at 11 because of the noise. It angers me so much because they are being asswholes. For one, the walls are paper thin my mom knows that, plus I'm a light sleeper. It's too disgusting to bring up, my cousin tells me that she goes outside when her mom's friend comes over but I'm too tired for that. I'm thinking about sleeping in the living room but I don't know how well that will go. Oh and this happens every week :/
any advice?


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  • This is so f*cked up. Wear ear/head phones at least? Or play loud music in your room.

    • I did that today (its 5am now) and its difficult to find videos that don't pause (like gameplays because the people playing stop talking at some points) I guess I should get a playlist for music.

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  • Try to lay down in the living room with earphones in, playing music that relaxes you (preferably at a volume that drowns out their noise but still to a point where you can fall asleep)


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  • I hate to be that girl but im going to be that girl... 1. Get earplugs 2. Straight up tell her that you can hear them and if its ok if you can sleep over a friends when that happens 3. Ask her to do that somewhere else 4. Write a letter explaining that you can hear them fooling around and if she can do something about it 5. Interrupt tjem "accidentally" and maybe just maybe she will get embarrassed and be quieter lr take care of it I don't know..