Keep trying, being there and initiating or give him up?

Things started off great. He initiated flirting said things like I'll be his girlfriend and I'll love him one day and sent me flowers. First I was standoffish because he made such an effort and I guess never been treated like that. I went and visited with him. He still treated me amazing well more like his girlfriend - dinners clothes calling me babe holding hands and kissing in public with friends etc even like saying move in and such like I'm never leaving. I left he said wasn't ready for anything. He doesn't trust and been cheated on from what my friend said. I sent a package to thank him he called me amazing and sent my my shoes I left. The note said miss ya in. Big letters. After Ieft we both made initiation but now I am usually all the time. not that I care but kinda want him to act like he did before. Should j give up on him or what? I really do like him and want something with him. Maybe got scared that I actually caught feelings so quick? Could distance be turning him frustrated? Or what

I don't want to give up on something great. He has told me that he has liked me for awhile when we met but I was with someone. We get sexual sometimes and he ways says he wishes meaning wish I was there. I also know he has or had a tinder and uses it for random sex hookups. Friend told me. He told him he likes the chase of them. Ugh! he lives in another state so I know he has needs since we're nothing yet. Mb also just wants a lot of randoms b4 relationship. I don't know ta driving me crazy
He also usually answers my texts fairly quick within a few minutes unless he's busy then he answers when he can. Sometimes the conversation just stops but I get it people have lives besides phones. He's a realtor and always working and now he is coaching hockey so he's a busy guy but always texts me back which seems to be something good. I don't like the not text him thing. I feel like it's a game I don't know


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  • I think you should give up and here is why, like you said, he likes the chase and that's it! He tried so hard to get you, over the top showmanship of interest, and then went all cold once you started showing interest back! His initiation and interest is all fake, it is a just a show.

    • :( he didn't go cold once I started showing interest, it's a few weeks after I went home. and in not sure it he meant like thrill of tinder or what.

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  • its probably the distance,

    • But it sounds as if he wants something/ likes me? I do really like him and want something

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