What do you think about marriage/parental classes?

"Marriage and divorce laws are uniform throughout the nation. Marriage before twenty — the age of civil enfranchisement — is not permitted. Permission to marry is only granted after one year’s notice of intention, and after both bride and groom present certificates showing that they have been duly instructed in the parental schools regarding the responsibilities of married life." - Urantia Book

I think this is a good idea and could be "required" by law just like education is required.


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  • good idea every relationship at one point or another will need counseling

    • It has to be a better alternative to divorce or child trauma or spousal abuse.

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  • its a good idea!

    • I thought so too like how education is required in core countries like the US.

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  • I think the whole idea of it is super American to be honest. In the US people tend to make everything idiot proof. I don't know whether there are just so many dumb people there or if people are just extremely worried that somebody might behave in a very dumb way but in any case, everything has to be extra dummy proof. Just think of all these disclaimers everywhere... whether it's signs telling you to watch out and not hit your head in the subway station or a warning on your microwave that you're not supposed to dry your guinea pig in there. As a European I sometimes felt in America like everywhere I went, I was treated a bit like a baby. Marriage or parenting classes are a good example for this mentality in my opinion. Shouldn't parenting be an act of common sense? I mean... shouldn't it be self-understanding that a couple reads maybe 2 or 3 books about parenting before their first child gets born (or that they at least ask other parents or their own parents for advice)? Human kind has been living in marriages and other relationships and bringing up children for thousands for years... do we really need classes for something like that? I'm not saying I have anything against these classes and people who want to attend them should be able to do that but forcing people to attend parenting/marriage classes sounds crazy. I think if I was forced to attend such a class, I would feel highly offended. I would feel like "what the hell? I'm not mentally disabled... why does the government treat me as though I was a complete and utter idiot? Of course you make some mistakes in the beginning of your parenthood but it's all about learning by doing."
    The idea of forcing people to take parenting classes sounds to me just as strange and ridiculous as forcing people to take... say, eating classes. First thing you learn in the eating class "alright guys, let's learn how to chew food... because if you don't chew, it's very dangerous for you. We'll learn about swallowing liquids next week cuz that's especially challenging".

    • It's like compulsory education for children - that's where my argument is legit.

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    • Maybe Switzerland is a better place than America unless you've stayed here long enough to know that we need some sort of formal parental training.

    • Actually, I think if people learned parenting from experts rather than their parents, the world would be a MUCH better place. People think they know things, they don't, and they fuck things up for everyone else, in this case, especially their own children. I'd rather ask a specialist than someone off the streets for advice in anything from child raising to neuroscience!

  • I actually think that's a bit too late; people should be taught the theory of interpersonal relations somewhere between 10 and 14.

    • I think marriage and parenting should be in a different category though; it's that unique I believe.

    • I think marriage and parenting somewhat partly stem from the same thing, but yes, it'd be nice if they had classes on that too. Social skills for everyone!