My new dentist is annoying and I can't stand him. What to do?

Hello everyone!

Here's the problem I'm dealing with right now: I have a fear of dentists and recently I got into a new dentist, and it's been working out great so far.
The thing is, the clinic now has a new dentist, and he's annoying LIKE HECK.

I was talking to my dentist about my symptoms, he just comes bursting into the room, talking non-sense and hitting on her (stuff like "Oh wow look at her, she never did [technical word]. She's such a badass"). He brags constantly, non-stop. I was talking to him about people we both knew in another town, and when I tell him "You seem like you know a lot of people there", he replies "Pfft yea I know lots of people everywhere".

WHO THE HECK CARES? Right now he's on my top 10 of the most annoying persons I've ever been with. It's like he wants constant attention and validation. I mean, heck, I don't blame him, he's like 27, my dentist is 26, she is pretty cute, sure, flirt with her, be my guest, but let me be treated first, is that too much to ask for?

I have an appoitment tomorrow and I literally can't stand being around this guy. He just pushes my bottons and gets me into fight mode instantly. What should I do? Can I go straight ahead to my dentist and say "I don't like that guy. No offense, but I personally find him extremely annoying with his constant bragging. Mind keeping me out? As soon as I'm done you can let him back in"?

And yea, I'd rather change clinic and go blindly into a new dental clinic than having to put up with this guy every time I go back there.
The title is badly worded. It's not my current dentist I'm concerned about; it's another (new) dentist in the same clinic, who will soon become co-owner.


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  • Ask for another one, if they have one. Or leave that dental practice and find another one untill your comfortable with the guy/girl dealing with you.

    • The title is badly worded, I just didn't find a better way to express myself. My dentist is okay. She's a cool chick and knows what she is doing, always making sure I'm comfortable and stuff.

      It's another dentist in the same clinic I'm worried about. He's the one who (at least in my impression, which quite honestly matters the most here, since it's my health that's at stake) is a complete jerk and disregards the patient completely, and is always hitting on my current dentist. Another thing that may be a problem is that he will soon be co-owner, so I'm not sure if my dentist would do anything about him.

      I was wondering if I can (or should) ask my dentist to keep out of the room while I'm being treated.

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    • There might be a chance she sees it as me being jealous or some other kind of romantic move, since our age difference isn't really that much. Is this something I should be concerned about?

    • Well i guess you like her, but if she does think your jealous then she knows you like her too. But regardless you don't want someone who is fiddling around in your mouth while some unprofessional guy flirts with her to be distracted.

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