Psychic reading?

have u ever had a psychic reading and the psychic told u it would happen in a certain amount of weeks or months and it happened much later that what u were told?

i was told something would happen in 2-3 weeks back on April 8. still hasn't happened yet. BUT, the reason why i dont doubt her is because last year she told me things i thought werent going to happen and they did. just like she said they would. she knew about me getting up in the middle of the night once and doing something. she knew about a dream i would have about something and i did, just like she said. somehow she was off on the 2-3 weeks.

what were ur expriences and what do u think of the 2-3 weeks thing?


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  • Well it's a hit or miss thing.. some people are fakes who get lucky and some are real that actually interpret things wrong. A couple months or so before I was born my aunt went to a psychic medium in Salem when she was visiting and it was quite a bit of money to go there but it was worth it because when she showed up the lady was on her porch and she said to my aunt "finally you're here, a male has been here for several days waiting for you." And then she predicted my birth, she told my aunt that she would have a niece that hung on everybody (which was my thing as a kid, still kinda is) and that the male that was there, she identified as my grandpa and said that from birth till death he would watch over me as my spirit guide. That's the most accurate reading I've ever heard of but I've personally never been.


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  • I had a psychic tell me my relationship would fail, and it would be inevitable, and that it would end before the end of Autumn...

    i thought it was bs... my relationship ended on November 2nd 2014... she told me that in April...

    she might have made a mistake... some psychics will make mistakes

    • i thought the exact same thing last year when i first saw her. she told me this woman and i would do nothing more than just ''awkward staring''…same thing, i though tit was bs. thats exactly what happened though. i tried talking to her, she wouldn't let me. she also told me i would get in trouble with the law for something I'm doing…in 5 to 6 months. it happened in 6. again, i thought it was bs because i don't do drugs or anything bad…so I'm thinking…''yea, ok''. i left doubting her in September last year. and the staring happened just like she said, and trouble happened.

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    • like it can happen anytime now?

    • yeah dude... call me superstitious, but if were you, i would keep it in the back of my mind
      just procede with normal life, but be ready

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  • My dad believes in them.
    The person that he went to predicted for some other people and it came true apparently.

    Anyway, so my dad avoids the thing that the reader said would kill my dad.

    (Don't want to mention what exactly but the reader said that the day my dad gets that is how is going to die.)

    I don't believe in it.

    This GaGer once. mentioned something about things happening if you believe it will.

  • I don't believe in them at all. Lol. One of my friend took me to a psychic few years ago. It was sooooo funny

    • The psychic said that I'll get married soon and then die in 2-3 years, lol

    • It's been 5 years and I'm still alive. LMHO. What a bs. I laughed a lot when she made that prediction

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  • I've never had one myself, but I've done them myself, for others.

    The thing with stuff like this, is that most of the time
    the visions come in riddles, or are very blurry.

    • how do dates come in? as in when something is going to happen?

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    • thing is, lat yr, she said i would get in trouble in about 5-6 months from September last yr…it happened in 6. so, that why i don't doubt her. its the first thing she was off on.

    • Yeah, "about 5-6 months"
      It's unspecific, and so is "get in trouble"

      Chances are what she read did come true
      but you didn't notice it as it happened.

      There's a whole lot of factors. ^.^

  • Nope, those things are all bs.

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