What would you eat?

You are on your way to a fancy dinner to celebrate the anniversary of your first time planting daffodils when you are captured by terrorsits. They demand that you eat a multiple of 7 things, as fast as you can. Luckily for you (you're wearing your lucky spoon), they give you a choice: onions, beetroots or some rather large potatoes. If they think you're not eating as fast you you humanly can, they'll shoot a corgi in the face and rub it all over you. Then they'll shoot you and rub you all over yourself. What vegetable do you choose?

  • 7 onions
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  • 14 beetroots
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  • 7 large raw potatoes
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  • Onions and Beetroot are both delicious in their raw state
    raw potatoes though, I wouldn't do.

    Can I have both A and B?

    I could always just choose option D
    and beat the sanity out of these fools.


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  • It'd be so damn hard to eat the potato and beet raw. I don't even think I could eat a beet raw, I've only ever had them baked and soft. I guess onion :C I would have the nastiest breath.

    • Beetroots are actually really nice raw. I just wanted to catch people out :P

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    • They're just as nice. But it's too late now. Terrorists aren't known for letting people change their minds >:D

    • You monster :''''O >:'C

  • i love potatoes... not raw, but i'd force myself to like it. haha

  • I HATE raw onions. I like potatoes, but I won't eat raw ones. Lol. So, I'd choose to eat 14 raw beetroots! (Even though I like to eat boiled beetroots more than raw ones) But at least it taste okay raw

  • What the fuck kind of question is this?


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