Is this caption right?

I have posted a picture on Instagram, I have written the caption as we are quite the #badasses. Is it right? And is it nice?


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  • Correct : - From a grammar site
    Words Ending in 'sh', 'ch', 's', 'x', and 'z'
    For words ending in 'sh', 'ch', 's', and 'x', we add -es

    Nouns Ending in 'sh', 'ch', 's', and 'x'
    Singular (1) Plural (2+)
    brush brushes
    church churches
    kiss kisses
    box boxes
    For words ending in 'z', we double the z and add -es.

    Nouns Ending in 'z'
    Singular (1) Plural (2+)
    quiz quizzes


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