Honestly what do you think I should do I'm in a tight spot?

I'm 17 and I turn 18 next year. I just moved to a different state not by my choice to go live with my dad because my mom got a new job and didn't want me to live with her anymore. My dad and his step family ended up abusing me verbally and emotionally while I was staying there so I went to go stay with my uncle and grandma where I'm staying now. My grandma is a drunk and when she gets drunk she acts psychotic like accuses me of stealing things or calling me names under her breath. I sleep on the couch and me and my grandma we're going to move out and I was going to get my own room. I work far away but it's a really good job and I go to school somewhat nearby. I had to get my GED before moving up here and now I'm starting at a really good community college with a transfer agreement to a really good university for my graduate degree. Since moving up here I'm almost positive all of my friends have forgotten about me my family doesn't really care about what happens to me and just yeah. My mom is getting a larger place in February of next year after my first semester is over and some of my credits will transfer 10/18 of them and I was thinking about just moving there because she said I could but I'll be 18 by then so I don't know and she was really selfish to have uprooted me like that... I have some friends here not super close but I just don't want to be here half of the time. I miss my old life my old friends and relationships which have seemed to change so much I miss my old room and everything. I was thinking about just getting a roommate when I'm 18 in the city near my job and transferring to a community college up in the city and just living my life there. I don't have a license or a car and I still need to take driving school which I'm going to start shortly at a local driving school. I've paid for everything my tuition everything since I've moved here and pretty much I just fucking hate this. I suffer from an eating disorder and mild depression and this just exaggerates everything, i remember when I first moved here I was non stop binging and purging but now I just don't feel any desire to do that I just chain smoke cigarettes and I go to work and i feel so numb and unwanted. My mom doesn't even want to talk to me most days and it breaks my heart I feel so awfully alone and I don't know what to do.


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  • Sad situation. Your family is toxic to you. Some of us have had to cut some family members and sometimes all of our families out of our lives permanently for our own survival. You can leave now and not wait till you're 18

    • I'm trying to hang on my mom is getting a larger place in February and I'm going to move up there, find a job, and go to the local community college there. For now I'm just going to finish my driving school get a license / permit, save up enough money for my second semester of college, and finish my first semester and get ready to transfer. Living with her isn't as bad as living up here

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