Why is everyone polarized about Donald Trump?

I've noticed that people fall into just two categories: They either worship him or despise him.

I personally am neutral about him, I know for a fact he's a brilliant buisnessman because I've been reading details of his dealings for years and I know how effective and clever his methods are so I believe he can fix the economy, on the other hand I find his anti-latino racism an embarrassement to the United States as it sends off to other parts of the world vibes that we're all racist intolerant bigots.


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  • im kinda like you.


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  • Big characters tend to polarise opinion - I don't know what will happen having such a flamboyant character as the most powerful person in the world - As a non American I will sit back and watch with interest what happens

  • He's loud mouthed, he isn't politically correct and his life seems a success:


    • Those bankrupcies were actually done on purpose, it's a method where he exploited the law to sell non profitable companies.

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    • But one good thing about Donald Trump's campaign: it's ruining Jeb Bush's www.theguardian.com/.../donald-trump-campaign-ruining-jeb-bush :D :D :D

    • There's also how he treated that farmer in Scotland.

  • donald trump is a hungey buisness man who has no buisness in politics. I dont hate him personally but I hate his ideas and his views on immagrants and anchor babies.

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