Which age group do you think is USUALLY most superficial?

I'm not solely talking about the dating scene. I mean dating, friendships, materialism, money, quality of life, etc. Which age group do you think is the most shallow about EVERYTHING?

I'll have to say the 19-29 age group. Young people are very shallow about nearly everything. I'm one of the few people in this age group who actually like the world for what it is, and not the materialism asepct of it.

So, what do you think?

  • People under 13 years old (Kids)
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  • 13-18 years old (Jr. high/high school teenagers)
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  • 19-29 years old (Youngest adults, may include 18 years olds who have graduated from high school)
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  • 30-39 years old (Somewhat young adults)
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  • 40-59 years old (Middle-aged adults)
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  • People 60 years and older (Elderly Adults)
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  • Age is irrelevant here OR Other (if OTHER, explain yourself.)
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  • 13 - 18 would generally be the most superficial as this is where you really begin to find your identity and who you are, and image makes up a huge part of that. Things like clothes, money and appearance are important in identifying your personality and finding your place in a clique.

    • In all honesty, I think teenagers are a little less superficial than young adults.

      In terms of dating, a high school girl can't really be a gold-digger. High schoolers usually have low wage jobs and it's not legal for them to date guys over 17, so it makes sense. When a girl hits 19ish (maybe 20), they seem to be gold-diggers for the most part and date these rich, older men.

      I also notice young adults tend to be just as judgmental about the way you dress too.

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    • I live in England. We do have a class system here that's very obvious, and we do have cliques but the cliques in our schools are much less defined than they seem to be in the US.

    • I've talked to English people who have lived an/or been here in the United States and literally every of them agreed we are a far more superficial country than you guys are. Most of them admitted they love the United States but one aspect they hate is how shallow we are.

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  • Overall, I think that children under 13 and elderly adults are the least superficial.
    With other age groups, I think that it depends largely on how they were raised and the people they decide to surround themselves with. I would say the most superficial would be 13-29. Throughout those years I think that people feel the most pressure to conform. Looks, money, social status is at the forefront and people are attempting to establish their identity.

  • 13 to 25

    • I put "19-29" because there is little to no difference, with the exception of minor physical differences.

      I know women in their late 20's and they're no different than women in their early 20's. They're still narrow minded, gold-digging, prudes.

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    • i live in the US but grew up all over the place. many of my friends grew up elsewhere too. if they grew up in the US, then they grew up with the old country values.

      i'm not sure about superficial. i've been to places where people are damn superficial. but i notice americans are generally stressed out.

    • We're stressed out because we work hard compared to most other countries.

      Women in their 30's are nice because their sex drive is at a peak ;)

  • 19 - 29 i think.


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