Should the internet be regulated by an institution?

So far, it doesn't appear that the internet is institutionalized. There's nothing regulating it and it's mass anarchy. The problem is only confounded by the fact that Facebook, Google, and now SpaceX will pursue plans to spread the internet to the remote corners of the world ( )

So what? you say. Well, imagine India with its 1 billion population suddenly invading websites like youtube and maybe here, we would have a gradual (or sudden) shift into what the rules of ettiquecy are on the Internet and the types of questions asked/answers given. And let's not forget how ISIS uses Twitter to recruit jihadists.

I think parents should play a bigger role in their kids' internet access. More powerful, regulating software should be marketed. Too much knowledge can be very dangerous especially to children who may not be emotionally and mentally prepared for such.


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  • No, it should not. The internet should remain 100% free.

    • So all information is equal? That's what net neutrality is.

    • Yes, and I agree with net neutrality.

      No one should be in control of any part of the internet. Only webmasters should be in control of what goes on their website.

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  • No, the Internet is what allows people to be their true selves.
    Here people are free to both share their ideas and to be assholes if they choose to.
    It is the definition of free speech. Yes some feelings get hurt but it's not up to everyone to cater to the emotional instabilities of the few.

    The only thing we should be stopping is child predators and child porn. That is something that shouldn't exist. As for Daesh propaganda, as terrible as those people are, you'd have to be extremely stupid to join them. If you do and die in Syria than that's on you not the government.


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  • No, I must continue downloading my films from illegal torrents forever!

  • Hell no! Let freedom of speech live!