Help! I'm freaking out, is this normal?

So, here's the deal, I'm 15 years old and I live with my mom, grandma, little sis and new Great Dane (He's 2 years old and we just adopted him). Our Dane is a big sweetie and always wants to snuggled and loved and seems to enjoy all the attention from my little sis. We love him a lot.
Anyway, yesterday, I was sitting on the floor and he came and sat between my legs. I was petting/rubbing/massaging his back and neck area and he started moving to get comfortable and CRACK! There was this huge pop sound (and feeling) from his spine area, like when you pop your back. He started whimpering and he just kinda 'collapsed'. I kept rubbing his back to try and feel anything where it shouldn't have been and when I touched between his shoulders with the bottom of the palm of my hand (applying a slight amount of pressure bc I was adjusting the way I was sitting) and CRACK! I felt something shift and he slowly started moving again.
Today he walks like he's sore. And about an hour ago it happened again... The same sound, in the same spot...
my mom made him an appointment for the vet on Tuesday morning (which is the earliest we could have gotten it), but when it happened again today, I just tried what I did yesterday, but sort of kneeling on my knees over him (as if I planned to sit on him, but without actually doing so) and pressing a tiny bit more forcefully right between my shoulder blades, in a sort of up and in motion. I got the same result... and now he's up and walking again, just like he's sore...
What happened?
Is this normal?
This ever happen to anyone else?
What did I do to cause relief?
Over all: WTF?


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