Sort Code, Account No and Name of the A/C holder DEBIT CARDS?

By just knowing sort code, account no and name of a/c holder of any debit card, is it possible to hack in and get all the money or they would need other infos on the card?

Cuz I gave this 3 details to someone but I am a bit panicing now.


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  • why did you give it to them for?

    • Was it for a friend or a job to pay money into your bank

    • Actually this is kind of like a request of a refund form where I had to fill in these details. And Im posting it from my hometown to the UK. I am scared it might get lost on its way and if someone finds the forum, he would see some of these details mentioned above, so thats what i meant so thats why i wrote something like 'i gave to someone ' above..

    • take it to a post office and have it sent so it has to be signed for

  • nope.. you will be ok