Its the end of the world as we know it?

so if there was a end of the world scenario and nobody knew about it expect you do you think it would be a good idea to tell everyone but this may cause mass hysteria people would think hey the worlds going to end i think i will go and blow some shit up or do some really horrible things or do you keep it to yourself and let it end peacefully but rob people of there final good byes etc etc.. so whats it going to be?
its the end of the world as we know it?

  • no i wouldn't tell anyone
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  • yes i would tell everybody
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  • who cares it's not my problem *pops open a beer let's start this crap fest!*
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you do not need to prove its going to happen if you told them everyone would believe you


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  • i would tell!


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  • Considering I'm literally nobody outside my friends and family, no one would believe me.

    How would I even spread the message? Preach on Facebook? Do I text my friends a description with emojis: 🌎👽😈💀!! Post on GAG ("Nice b8, m8")?

    With that said, even if they did believe me, I feel like it would be a more asshole-y thing to do (telling everyone) for the sake of letting people say their goodbyes.

    5% of the world will be saying their goodbyes while the other 95% would probably being robbing, raping, killing, and yelling at each other - cause humans are rational beings. Prefer not to be the cause of all, thaaaaank you-ah!


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  • No one woyld believe me anyway so I'm gonna do all the cocaine I can!

  • I would make sure that the chaos would start, by telling everyone and supply evidence.

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