How do I let go of my anger and pain towards this guy online?

There was this documentary I was watching of the armenian genocide, and this guy commented that 'ethnic cleansing is necessary for the good of intelligence'. I usually dont let youtube comments get to me, but I'm an armenian, and I know what the Armenian Genicide caused us and it pains me a lot not only to know what my ancestors went through, but also how the armenians of today are still in pain and suffering because of that. And I know Armenian Genocide isn't the only case. I know that the Indigenous population as well as other groups are still facing problems because of what was done to them. And hearing someone say that for logical reasons, killing thousands of people is a good think just because of their ethnic background, it made me more mad and more hurt than anything in my life. But Jesus forgave me for my sins, and because of that, I'm constantly working to forgive others who hurt me. And I usually always do end up forgiving people, but this time, I don't know how to let go of that anger and I'm wondering if any of you know how to.


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  • He's a random douche hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Such is his insignificance that his words should carry no weight, since they matter no more than he does.


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